Ask Us – Fourth Quarter 2011

Please use this place to ask us any questions regarding anything about tire chains in general or about this website. Your email address will not be made public and we will remove it from the application after we have answered your questions. Questions asked here in this portal result in a $3.00 rebate to your purchases.

If this does not work for you, then send an email to and we will get back with you.

This posting of Ask Us will be archived for questions asked during the Fourth Quarter of 2011.  Thank you for asking.

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8 Responses to Ask Us – Fourth Quarter 2011

  1. David Stapleford says:

    I just a few minutes ago placed an order on-line for a set of Snow Chains. I didn’t recieve any kind of E-mail confirming my purchase. If possible, please let me know you processed my order? THANKS!!! (I used to live in Tucson, but now I live in New Jersey, so I’ve GOT TO PREPAIR FOR THE SNOW!!! ha ha??? & THANKS!!!

  2. Brian Nettles says:

    David, Yes, I got the order. I will ship them out later today. You did use the same email address here as is on the shopping cart so not certain why you did not receive the email. You should be able to be logged in to your account and view the account history.

    Best wishes,

  3. Stan says:

    Hello. How do the Olympia Sprints do on 4×4 vehicles? How do they compare with the Grip 4x4s in this scenario? Thank you.

  4. Brian Nettles says:


    The Olympia Sprints do very well on 4×4 vehicles. What I see as the main comparison between the two are these points.

    1. Similar link size
    2. Similar pattern hitting the ground

    Grip 4×4 benefits
    1. The Grip 4×4 can be installed without turning the wheel so you can already be stuck when you install them.

    Olympia Sprints benefits
    1. More sturdy and stronger side components able to handle a more aggressive load.
    2. German steel as opposed to China steel which is more durable.
    3. Stronger rubber tensioner.

    Best wishes.

  5. David says:

    Do you make a heavy duty square link chain in the RUD 4×4 Grip?

  6. Brian Nettles says:

    David, The Grip 4×4 uses a 5.5mm link size chain which is already more heavy duty than other competitor versions such as the Leclede Alpine Sport and Peerless Auto Track. What I have seen for other variations from competitors in ladder style truck chains is that you need to look closely at the weight of the chain and link size. There are competitor ladder style chains that are thicker and heavier duty. We also offer the Olympia Sprints which while they have the same link size as the Grip 4×4, it is German Steel as opposed to China steel which many claim (and I believe) is a stronger steel alloy.

  7. Scott Jurista says:

    Where are the RUD GRIP 4×4 – 2532 [422532] chains made?

  8. Brian Nettles says:

    The Grip 4×4 are made of China forged steel alloy which is pretty standard for snow chains in this price range.

    Chains made out of other materials that I am aware of are as follows:
    RUD Centrax and Rudmatic are made of Chromium Manganese.
    RUD Equipment Chains are made of heat treated hardened alloy.
    RUD Olympia Sprints and Easy2Go are made of German forged steel alloy.
    Pewag Square Link Chains are made of Nickel Manganese (we don’t carry these).
    Some low end equipment chains from some manufacturers are made of carbon steel (we don’t carry these).

    Currently, I am not aware of snow chains made out of other materials than these.

    Thanks for asking.

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