2016 Updates by Tire Chain Dealer

As the new season for Snow Chains approaches, I would like to give you some updates on what is happening in the business.

1. We have changed shopping carts to use the Magento shopping cart as opposed to the OSCommerce cart. There were several reasons for this change; the main reason was that we get feedback from customers often complaining of the clunkiness of the old shopping cart not having express checkout. Furthermore, we assessed that the old shopping cart was not mobile friendly and did not serve up SEO friendly URLs. While there were other issues as well, we simply felt it was time to upgrade. For past customers, this does mean that past purchases are only found in the old system which we will soon make available to you for purposes of finding your history.

2. We have always been selling the RUD product. We continue to promote RUD as the premier supplier of Tire Chains. As RUD does not have a cable offering, we have reached out to Quality Chain – a very reputable company – and we now offer cables known as the Volt product.

3. Supplies of Olympia Sprints are dwindling and RUD will not be ordering more. We have sold out of some of the best selling models of the Olympia Sprints including the OS-129, OS-131 and OS-136. We still have limited quantities of other models. We also are the only company offering the OS-140 MFG which is the chain for the 35″ tire sizes. They are an outstanding product for this tire size; however, the bags are marked rather oddly. The OS-140 MFG is actually a chain meant for the larger trucks, but cut down to size for the individuals who own the really large off road tires.

4. We no longer are stocking stores in the California mountain areas. The drought has played a toll on tire chain sales in those locations and since we are no longer located in California, we felt it was time to move out completely.

5. I am training a new assistant to help with the packing and shipping of all locally stocked and shipped items. She is very responsible and I look forward to off loading more and more responsibilities on her as time goes on.

Thank you all for your past support in purchasing your chains through us. We are still here and look forward to continuing meeting your needs for snow chains and cables for your cars and your industrial equipment.

Best wishes,
Brian Nettles

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Chains for 35 Inch Tires

We now have available the Olympia Sprints tire chains for 35 inch tires – the chain model number is the Olympia Sprints 140 MFG. We have verified the fit for these three tire sizes. This is a tire size that we have not been able to service customers with in the past in spite of many requests. 35 inch tires are very popular in the off road community, a community which has taken very favorably with RUD Chain.


These chains have an aggressive 7mm link size cross chains, so make certain you have adequate clearance before using them. They are also diamond pattern. In the past, drivers using this tire size have had to settle with ladder style of chains. While ladders style chains work, they do not give lateral stability and they tend to be a lot bumpier.

For more information about the new MFG versions of the Olympia Sprints, check out this blog post.


The cross chains are forged in Germany with these chains being assembled in Hiawatha, Iowa. Hence these chains qualify as being MADE IN USA.

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New Olympia Sprints 131 MFG


About three years ago, RUD USA imported the Olympia Sprints tire chains. For the mid-sized truck, we absolutely loved that chain. It was more aggressive than the Grip 4×4 – an already great chain – but it fit the market for the heavier mid sized trucks such as the RAM 2500 and above and the F250 / F350 trucks. What was attractive was the industrial strength of the side components which could withstand extra torque. Last season, we sold the remaining of the 131 models and we have come very close to selling the last of the 136 models. They never did deliver the 140 model for the 35 inch tires; nevertheless, we knew the demand was there. These Olympia Sprints chains had a link size of 6mm.

This year, RUD USA is trying something new. They have an overabundance of 7mm cross chains and using the team that manufactures their industrial chains in Iowa, that team is assembling the newest versions of the Olympia Sprints. You will know if it is this chain if it has MFG in the name. Starting today we are selling the Olympia Sprints 131 MFG. At the same time we can also offer the Olympia Sprints 140 MFG. When we deplete the 136s then we will start assembling those too. The 132s will follow shortly afterwards. We have been spending our summer time going over prototypes for this chain with the intention of getting it right. Today, we tested the new 131 MFG on several tires and have confirmed a proper fit on the following sizes.


I am excited about this chain. It is very strong and very aggressive. I also had a nice experience in learning about the hardness of the metal. If you take bolt cutters and cut through the side chains, it is not overly difficult to cut through the metal. However, when you try to cut the cross chains, you will find the hardness of the metal extremely different. I had to exert a lot of energy to get it to cut through the chain. In order to preserve my bolt cutters – not to mention one of the fragments shooting through the window of my truck like a bullet, I stopped cutting them. That metal is very hard and very dense.

Here are some pictures of this new chain including some comparisons. First is a comparison of the Grip 4×4 link size to the original OS 131.

This next image is a comparison of the link size and chain layout of the older and smaller OS 131 compared to the newer and thicker OS 131 MFG.

Now, we have the chain installed on a Ram 3500 dually.

Due to the thicker chain, the price is a $30 – $40 dollars more.

What I also like, is that since they are being assembled in Iowa, we get to claim these chains as MADE IN USA.


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